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[audio]VPBC Sermon 2012-04-22am - Jane Thorington-Hassell,Jim Stewart
This week we continue on the theme of hospitality this time looking at the importance of cultural awareness. In looking at the phrase coined by Bishop Ambrose in response to Augustine’s query “when in Rome do as the Romans do” and using the passage from Romans 14:13-19 and I Corinthians 9:19-23 the talk looks at Paul’s attitude of mind and heart. The talk raises a number of practical issues where a willingness to change our usual practice is tinged with the willingness to share all the b...
Keywords: hospitality; cultural awareness; change of practice; service
Downloads: 7
[texts]Protect Yourself Protect Your Family

Downloads: 6
[texts]Break the Silence: You Deserve to Know

Downloads: 12
[texts]ERIC ED340050: So Many Cultures, So Little Time: An Overview of Cultural Diversity. - ERIC
Conservative critics have complained that United States universities harbor radical professors who have perverted the curriculum, infringed on student rights, and undermined the idea of liberal education in support of "multiculturalism" or "cultural diversity." However, one possible aim of multicultural education is the "production" of a political and economic intelligentsia capable of promoting "the American way of life" as it competes with other ways of living...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Cultural Pluralism; Higher Education; Multicultural Education; Politics of Education
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED357979: Culture's New Frontier: Staking a Common Ground. ACLS Occasional Paper, No. 15. - ERIC
This document examines the notion of the "public humanities," the humanities as they exist outside the university. The work seeks to provide an intellectual rationale for the public humanities through a bibliographic essay, reflections on readings, and a bibliography for further reference. In a separate appendix, a sample "User's Guide" attempts to address the question heard from curious audiences at public programs: what are the humanities, anyway? The booklet attempts to capture the complexity...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Education; Cultural Awareness; Higher Education; Humanistic Education; Humanities
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED317062: Cultural Criticism and ESL Composition. - ERIC
The traditional approach to English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) curriculum development, which combines cognitivist and behaviorist approaches, reflects ideology that teachers often fail to recognize. ESL composition teachers should act not as guardians of "correct" English but as cultural or ideological critics. ESL students need to be taught that even the most seemingly innocent discourse is actually aimed at gaining student adherence to the values of the culture's dominant ideology...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Educational Strategies; English (Second Language); Second Language Instruction; Writing (Composition); Writing Instruction
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED321578: Intercultural Communication Competence: Some Perspectives of Research. - ERIC
A discussion of intercultural communicative competence (ICC) conceptualizes ICC based on a review of the literature, details its major components and related propositions, and considers problems in and prospects for, the study of ICC. The literature of both intercultural communication and of communicative competence are examined for commonalities, themes, and conceptual problems. Research on components of ICC is seen as derived from the following perspectives: personality strength; comunication ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communicative Competence (Languages); Cultural Awareness; Culture Conflict; Intercultural Communication; Language Research; Literature Reviews
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED346417: Valuing Diversity and Similarity: Bridging the Gap through Interpersonal Skills. - ERIC
A step-by-step approach to help develop the skills needed to be a careful listener and more effective speaker is presented in this book. The first section discusses the science and art of communication. It includes chapters on communicating as connecting with others; behavior and communication; nonverbal behaviors and interpersonal communication; and multicultural communication. The second section focuses on cognitive understanding of the culturally different...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communication Skills; Communication (Thought Transfer); Cultural Awareness; Intercultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED372346: Multicultural Issues in Supervision. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
This digest focuses on the need to consider multicultural issues in supervision of counselors and methods of multicultural supervision. A number of multicultural issues in supervision such as the myth of "sameness" is addressed. Models are described that advocate supervision as a method to assist multicultural counselor development. It is noted that several supervision techniques have been proposed to insure that the cultural dimension is addressed...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Counselors; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Pluralism; Ethnicity; Racial Differences; Supervision; Supervisors; Supervisory Methods
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED350852: Ljudmila Petrushevskaja: A New Voice of Glasnost. - ERIC
During the period of glasnost, between 1985 and 1990, all of Russian literature changed. After 60 years of division between official and unofficial, dissident and emigre, the publishing of Russian literature became unified. Censorship and government control practically disintegrated. Among the "new voices" in Russian literature is Ljudmila Petrushevskaja, whose play cycle, "Kolombine's Apartment," is considered to be one of the most outstanding and creative in contemporary Russian literature...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Authors; Cultural Awareness; Drama; Foreign Countries; Language Usage; Russian; Russian Literature
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED366547: Cultural Development through the Interaction between Education, the Community, and Society at Large. Contributions of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
Museums play an important role in the transmission of culture and traditions and provide a collective memory of a community. A number of museum related institutions, known as the Science Centra, have arisen to offer self-directed learning activities in problem solving and understanding the processes related to everyday life. In a modern society, it also necessary to learn to analyze critically information that the media provide...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Community Resources; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Centers; Learning Activities; Local History; Museums; Resource Centers
Downloads: 9
[texts]ERIC ED388079: The Politics of Development: The Languages of Industrialization. - ERIC
This report assesses the changes in language use, based on political and cultural uses, around the world and specifically in Thailand. Early global theories divided the nations of the world into central, semiperipheral, and peripheral. Later, this classification was changed to developed nations, developing nations, and the Third World. Then came North versus South. Many nations of Southeast Asia embarked upon ambitious programs to reach the supposed completed level of achievement of the Northern...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Developed Nations; Economic Change; Foreign Countries; Industrialization; Language Planning; Modernization
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED389005: Intercultural Confidence Building for the Speech Communication Teacher/Student: A Conceivable Short Course. - ERIC
Noting that recent descriptions of "political correctness" give multiculturalism a negative connotation, this paper explores the role of intercultural communication in a re-considered 1990s view of multicultural education and discusses the design of a conceivable short course that will serve as the foundation for increasing teacher/student intercultural confidence. The paper notes that multicultural education is making enormous progress, and that one course where multicultural education principl...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Course Descriptions; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Higher Education; Intercultural Communication; Minicourses; Multicultural Education
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED366540: Functional Curriculum Development: A Means of Retaining Nomadic Fulbe Cultural Identity. Contribution of Education to Cultural Development. - ERIC
To develop a functional curriculum for Nigeria's nomadic Fulbe tribespeople it is necessary to understand the cultural setting. The myths of the Fulbe, such as the story of herdsman Sile Sajo's encounter with the deity Kumen, provide insight into the culture. The story reflects the society's agricultural base, identifies personal characteristics which the culture prizes, and provides insight into the Fulbe moral code...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Development; Developing Nations; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Indigenous Populations; Mythology
Downloads: 9
[texts]ERIC ED372433: International Business, Gender, and Training: Preparing for the Global Economy. - ERIC
This paper deals with how to train employees in transnational companies to be more "global" in their understanding and awareness of different cultures. The paper defines as "target culture" where the employee or his family will be working and considers as a confounding variable in the international marketplace the role to be played by women. Gender, as an issue in international affairs, is included in a separate section of the paper...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Business Communication; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Females; Global Approach; Intercultural Communication; Professional Training
Downloads: 6
[texts]Protegete Protege a Tu Familia [Protect Yourself Protect Your Family]

Downloads: 17
[texts]ERIC ED300860: Applied Interpersonal Communication in a Cross-Cultural Context: The Use of Interpreters as an Interrogation Technique When Interviewing Spanish Speaking Individuals. - ERIC
Interrogation of Spanish speaking sources by English speaking interrogators continues to be a realistic scenario due to continued United States involvement in Central America. The use of bilingual interpreters, when applied correctly, enhances applied interpersonal communication in this cross-cultural context. Analysis of the interrogation situation evidences the need for interpersonal sensitivity by the interrogator...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Foreign Countries; Interpersonal Communication; Interpreters; Questioning Techniques; Spanish Speaking
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED351678: Cultural Framing: Foreign Correspondents and Their Work. - ERIC
With the notion of cultural framing as a theoretical backdrop, a study examined the role of culture in the work of foreign correspondents. The aim was to explore cultural aspects of international news reporting that may suggest avenues for more systematic inquiry into the role of culture in the work of the foreign correspondent. Of 75 examined that were by and about foreign correspondents, fewer than half (44%) referred explicitly to culture...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Foreign Culture; Higher Education; Journalism; Journalism Education; News Writing
Downloads: 6
[movies]MIT21F.703S03 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course is the first intermediate-level course in Spanish, with a focus on grammar review, additional vocabulary, writing of essays in Spanish and enhancement of cultural awareness. Group activities and projects, and conversation are emphasized. There are detailed simulation activities, readings about literature and art from Latin America and Spain, activities with music videos and interviews, and viewings of recent films such as El espinazo del diablo, Juana la loca, and María llena ...
Keywords: Spanish; Spanish grammar; Spanish vocabulary; writing; essays; Culture; cultural awareness; conversation; MITUPV
Downloads: 505
[texts]ERIC ED333510: Multicultural Voices in the Workplace: Organizational Communication in the Year 2000. - ERIC
Demographic trends reported in "Workforce 2000" by the Hudson Institute in 1987 demonstrate a need for organizations to develop opportunities for individuals to better understand their own discourse patterns and the patterns of others. Human resource executives surveyed in 1990 were concerned about (1) the ability to motivate diverse groups of employees; (2) differences in values and cultural norms among employees; and (3) the challenge of communicating when employees speak different languages a...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cross Cultural Training; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Futures (of Society); Higher Education; Organizational Communication
Downloads: 5
[texts]Cultural Competence: A Journey - Bureau of Primary Health Care

Downloads: 45
[texts]ERIC ED354176: Music Education: Why? What? How? = Musiekopvoeding: Waarom? Wat? Hoe? Papers Presented at the National Music Educators Conference (Pretoria, South Africa, April 9-12, 1990). - ERIC
This collection of papers was presented at a South African national music educators conference. The conference set forth educators' concern about the current crisis in music education in South Africa. The critical state is summarized under two headings: (1) the law and abating status accorded to music education within general education; (2) the lack of coherence in music education owing to ongoing fragmentation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Music Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED347452: Counseling in Hong-Kong and Singapore: Personal Perspectives. - ERIC
This paper provides a personal look at counseling and counselor education in Hong Kong and Singapore. A section on the availability of formal and informal training resources in counseling notes that many practitioners in the counseling profession in Hong Kong or Singapore go abroad to pursue graduate studies, since, comparatively speaking, Hong Kong and Singapore can offer no better option for graduate training in counseling than what can be obtained abroad...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Counseling; Counseling Techniques; Counseling Theories; Counselor Training; Cultural Awareness; Foreign Countries; Professional Associations
Downloads: 4
[texts]15. Humanities Towards An Integrative Approach To Teaching Literature Hadjoui Ghouti - HADJOUI GHOUTI & KHELADI MOHAMMED
This present research seeks to explore the nature of teaching culture through literature in the Departments of English in the Maghreb Universities. It attempts to confirm the fact that culture-integrated foreign language teaching holds an important place in foreign language education; it is still neglected within the Departments of English. Therefore, the aim of this paper is threefold: first to examine the situation of teaching and learning culture in the Departments of English and to make some...
Keywords: Literature; Culture; EFL; Teaching/Learning Literature & Culture; Cultural Awareness; Cross-Culture
Downloads: 35
[texts]ERIC ED361687: Troping through the Mire: Language of the Multicultural Curricula Debate. - ERIC
Multiculturalism (like crossculturalism and transculturalism) is an emergent, interdisciplinary concept--one that is rife with images. The metaphoric language of "why" (embrace multiculturalism) is filled with arguments for or against multiculturalism paired with problems and burdens, coupled with disease, and most frequently, troped as war (for example "academic death squads,""generals," and "fire-breathing faculty")...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Design; Higher Education; Imagery; Interdisciplinary Approach; Language Role; Metaphors; Multicultural Education
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED346368: Multicultural Counseling Instruction: A Suggested Curriculum Guide. - ERIC
This document presents the curriculum design for a multicultural counseling course for the master's degree program in counselor education at the University of North Texas. The main objectives of the course are helping students to: (1) develop a multicultural perspective on counseling; (2) understand barriers to effective multicultural counseling; (3) become familiar with current issues and concepts in multicultural counseling; (4) develop skills and strategies for counseling multicultural and sp...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Counseling Services; Counseling Techniques; Counselor Training; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Design; Graduate Study; Higher Education
Downloads: 9
[texts]Operational culture for the warfighter : principles and applications - Salmoni, Barak A
Includes bibliographical references (p. 359-379)
Keywords: Marine Corps University (U.S.); Sociology, Military; Cultural awareness; Multicultural education; Military education
Downloads: 396
[texts]ERIC ED306179: Global Education: Controversy Remains, But Support Growing: Field Strives To Better Link Global Studies, Civics. - ERIC
The pace of global change and the increasing interdependence of people worldwide are the driving forces behind the need for a contemporary global education movement that reinterprets current knowledge to educate students to meet their responsibilities as citizens of an increasingly complex global society. Evaluations of U.S. 18-24-year-olds reveal that many young people lack the basic geographic and conceptual groundwork for intercultural or global understanding...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Curriculum Development; Curriculum Enrichment; Global Approach; Higher Education; International Studies; Multicultural Education; Social Studies; World Affairs
[texts]ERIC ED334866: Cultural Considerations in Adult Literacy Education. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
The main themes of a broad interpretation of literacy are discussed in this digest, and examples of approaches to literacy education in use and resources are cited. The information presented is focused on native language literacy, but the themes, recommendations, and materials are relevant for adults of English as a Second Language. Specific sections highlight: (1) the role of culture in literacy; (2) incorporating culture into adult literacy classrooms (focusing on Freirean, participatory, and ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adult Literacy; Cultural Awareness; English (Second Language); Instructional Materials; Literacy Education; Native Language Instruction; Program Descriptions; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED308136: Teachable Moments. Issues 1-20. - ERIC
"Teachable Moments" are teaching aids about global perspectives in education. Number 1 explores disparity between what people say and what they think and do. Number 2 requires students to compare objects/concepts to illustrate that some see only differences, others see only similarities, and some see both. Number 3 examines growing global interconnectedness and its impact on students' lives. Number 4 questions "What can one person do?" Number 5 addresses the problem of knowing the world...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Class Activities; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Secondary Education; Global Approach; Perspective Taking; Teaching Methods; World Affairs; World Problems
[texts]ERIC ED358492: Culture Shock: A Student's Perspective of Study Abroad and the Importance of Promoting Study Abroad Programs. - ERIC
Predicated on the idea that students traveling and studying abroad must learn ways to cope with the loss of cultural symbols familiar to them, this paper uses a college student's personal travel experiences to examine what coping strategies helped and how the lessons learned could help others in the same situation. After pointing out that the primary reason for going abroad is usually to polish foreign language skills, the paper focuses on three phases of study abroad: (1) the stage prior to stu...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adjustment (to Environment); College Students; Communication Skills; Cultural Awareness; Culture Conflict; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Study Abroad; Travel
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED380335: Reflections on Diversity: Implementing Anti-Bias Curriculum in the Primary Grades. - ERIC
Teacher-developed activities in one kindergarten classroom in Rogers (MN) are the focus for introducing diversity in primary grades. The process of planning the curriculum is described, along with a list of strategies to implement in the classroom for the school year. A set of persona dolls, one male and one female, were purchased to represent African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and European-American cultural groups...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Activities; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Background; Cultural Differences; Cultural Pluralism; Kindergarten; Multicultural Education; Primary Education; Student Characteristics
Downloads: 1
[texts]Rompe el Silencio Mereces Saber la Verdad [Break the Silence: You Deserve to Know]

Downloads: 13
[texts]ERIC ED310528: Cultural Orientations of First-Time High School Principals during Selection and Entry. - ERIC
The power of effective schools lies not in their specific characteristics, but in their individual culture formation; a shared understanding of what ought to be symbolized by the behavior of all people involved in the school is part of that culture. The school cultural orientations of seven male and five female first-time principals (10 white and 2 black), representing five states, are presented in this paper...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Administrative Change; Administrative Principles; Administrator Effectiveness; Cultural Awareness; High Schools; Leadership Qualities; Leadership Styles; Principals; Supervisory Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED317086: Teaching Mathematics to Limited English Proficient Students. ERIC Digests. - ERIC
A mathematical problem is used to illustrate the difficulties non-native or limited-English-speaking students may encounter while attempting to solve mathematical problems in English. Simply knowing the language of instruction and the required math skills may not be sufficient for solving math problems. Cultural issues are present as well. It is suggested that instruction should be sensitive to both the cultural and linguistic needs of language minority students...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Curriculum Development; Limited English Speaking; Material Development; Mathematics Instruction; Student Evaluation; Teacher Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED319368: The Growth of English as the Language of Global Satellite Telecommunications. - ERIC
Satellite telecommunications are part of an integrated grid of technologies that make possible what many call the Information Age. The English language is the dominant language of this age and of global telecommunications, based in part on its already clear role as the major "universal" language, especially in science and technology. English currently has widespread acceptance as the primary "link language" in the world, being no longer tied predominantly to native speakers of the language...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Communications Satellites; Cultural Awareness; Developing Nations; English (Second Language); Imperialism; Language Maintenance; Modernization; Sociolinguistics; Technology Transfer; Telecommunications
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED313017: Designing for International Teletraining. - ERIC
The ability to bridge together geographically-distant populations for training is made possible through teletraining, a human performance system which integrates telecommunications into the planning, design, and delivery of training programs. Typically, teletraining uses standard telephone lines or digital communication services to provide interactive audio, audio-graphic, and video programs that are viewed at all locations on the teleconference...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Context; Distance Education; Global Approach; Information Technology; Instructional Design; Instructional Development; Job Training; Telecommunications; Teleconferencing
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED317039: Telecommunications in Foreign Language Education: A Resource List. ERIC Digest. - ERIC
Foreign language and bilingual educators are in the unique position of being able to bring the world to their classrooms via the telecommunications technologies. Telecommunication is electronic communication over long distances by means of an online computer service, a telephone, a television, a satellite, or other long distance technologies. This digest discusses many of the resources available to foreign language educators, including De Orilla A Orilla, The Computer Writing Network, CompuServe...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Techniques; Cultural Awareness; Intercultural Communication; Second Language Instruction; Second Language Learning; Teaching Methods; Telecommunications
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED330202: Japon: Nivel 3 (Japan: Level 3). - ERIC
An elementary school Spanish-as-a-foreign-language immersion program in Social Science is described. Explanations for the teacher are offered, and activities are described in detail. Exercises and evaluations are also offered. Different aspects of the Japanese way of living are used to practice the Spanish language. Some of the aspects presented are geography, landscape, lifestyles, culture, natural resources, weather, music and art, industry, schools, language, religion, and the Japanese contri...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Class Activities; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Education; FLES; Geography; Immersion Programs; Second Language Instruction; Social Studies; Spanish; Teaching Guides
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED310400: Cultural Literacy Shock: A Drama in Three Acts. - ERIC
A verbal clash at an international seminar between Harold Rosen of the United Kingdom, who for years had called for broader views of cultural literacy, and Robert Pattison of the United States, who also had called for a similar broadening of the definition of literacy, illustrates how perceptions of a shared ideology can be surprisingly incompatible, even between scholars from countries sharing a common heritage...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Background; Cultural Differences; Cultural Traits; Culture Conflict; Intercultural Communication; Literacy; Subcultures
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED367583: Cultural Development through the Interaction between Education, the Community, and Society in General. - ERIC
The interdependence between education and culture is of growing importance. Interest is growing in the relationship between the two, because of the pace of technological change, the effects of social currents, and the decision by the United Nations General Assembly to observe 1988-1997 as the World Decade for Cultural Development. One of the main objectives of education is to prepare the young for integration into society...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Education; Developing Nations; Interdisciplinary Approach; Mass Media; Social Change; Socialization; Technological Advancement
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED377458: Increasing Multicultural Understanding and Interaction through a Library Based Effort in a Culturally Heterogeneous Urban Elementary School. - ERIC
A practicum was designed for students, faculty, and administrators in an urban elementary school to acquire an increased understanding of other cultures. The practicum setting was a library media center with a student population of 1,205. Two inservice training workshops to inform staff members about the numerous cultures of their students (63% Hispanic, 23% Black, 7% White, and 7% Asian) and the differences in the learning style preferences of students of different cultural groups were conducte...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Style; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Education; Elementary School Curriculum; Intergroup Relations; Library Role; Multicultural Education; Urban Education
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED356172: The Great American Landmarks Adventure. - ERIC
This profusely illustrated booklet, written primarly for school children, includes drawings and descriptions of 43 of the National Historic Landmarks located in the United States. The accounts move chronologically from prehistoric cave paintings through the moon rocks collected by the Apollo astronauts in 1969. Most of the drawings represent the landmarks as they appear today, showing what visitors would see if they went to the building or site...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Built Environment; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Education; Historic Sites; Instructional Materials; Learning Activities; Social Studies; United States History
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED364891: A Multiculturally-Responsive Tenth Grade English Curriculum Nurtures an Appreciation for Individual Differences by Immersing Students in the Lives of Others. - ERIC
The goal of a practicum was that high school students in non-academic 10th grade English classes would develop an understanding of and appreciation for cultural differences. The English teacher challenged herself, her peers, her students, and the general school population (a regional high school in a growing community in the northeastern United States) to become more knowledgeable and appreciative of many cultures by expanding her own knowledge of ethnic groups; creating a faculty reading club; ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Curriculum Development; English Instruction; Grade 10; High School Students; High Schools; Multicultural Education
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED359773: The Trap of Generalization: A Case of Encountering a New Culture. - ERIC
This study investigated how the relationship between "individual" and "institution" is constructed in people's perceptions about other cultures, and manifested in conversation. The potential for inappropriate generalization and misunderstanding of situations and cultures was examined. A videotape recording of a Japanese family and two guests, one American and one Japanese, was analyzed, focusing on one awkward conversational exchange involving racially discriminatory remarks...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Cultural Traits; Culture Conflict; Generalization; Intercultural Communication; Interviews; Japanese Culture; Sociolinguistics; Stereotypes; Videotape Recordings
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED343385: Higher Education for International Careers. - ERIC
This collection of papers explores the relationship between higher education and the labor market, with the focus firmly on graduates who are equipped to pursue international careers. A common theme in these papers is the concern that higher education in Great Britain provide the linguistic and cultural expertise needed for international dealings and that these qualities are used to the advantage of British industry and commerce...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Employment Opportunities; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; International Trade; Labor Market; Second Language Learning
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED360254: Assessing the Impact of Peace Building Processes. - ERIC
It is important for those interested in contributing to a stable world peace to focus their attention and work on positive, proactive programs that will promote peace building rather than negative, reactive programs intended to reduce violence. This paper focuses on such a training program for international negotiators. The program is intended to develop self-awareness and intercultural communication skills that will enable the negotiators to understand and collaborate with each other more effec...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Intercultural Communication; International Relations; Peace; Program Evaluation; Social Science Research; Social Theories; World Affairs
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED326066: A Global Perspective in the Foreign Language Classroom. - ERIC
Global education, an attempt to provide students with information and perspectives on diverse countries and cultures so that they may be knowledgeable and responsible members of the world community, is becoming a key concern of foreign language educators. While foreign language education has often included some cultural and historical elements, teachers have recently begun to expand this part of course content, instructing pupils not only about home countries and cultures--France in a French cla...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Course Content; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Traits; Curriculum Design; Foreign Countries; Global Approach; Second Language Instruction; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED333622: Empowering Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Learning Problems. ERIC Digest #E500. - ERIC
This digest describes ways in which professionals who work with culturally and linguistically diverse students with disabilities can create an educational climate that accepts and respects the language and culture of its students and empowers them to feel confident enough to risk getting involved in the learning process. Methods of creating such an educational climate include: (1) incorporating minority students' language and culture into the school program; (2) encouraging minority community pa...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Classroom Environment; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Secondary Education; Learning Problems; Limited English Speaking; Minority Group Children; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED379714: On the Problematic Nature of Conducting Research among American Indians (Research in Progress). - ERIC
The American Indian, whether as a racial group or tribal group, is presumably the most researched group in the United States. Every aspect of Indian culture has been studied from topics such as "uses of time" to "forms of public speaking." Although the Indian has been thoroughly studied, there is a lack of current research that identifies and delineates Indian verbal and non-verbal behavior. Moreover, those who would conduct research among the indigenous people seldom take into account the notio...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; American Indian Culture; American Indians; Communication Research; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Background; Ethnography; Higher Education; Nonverbal Communication; Speech Communication
Downloads: 3
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